The technological arsenal and developments of half a century have trasformed us into a leading global company.

Tokyo Kinzoku Industry Co., Ltd.(Tohkin) has poured its energies into the manufacture and development of writing instrument parts and is punctilious about pen clips. The accumulation of reliable technology and a corporate stance that has ensured the delivery of highly reputable products, form the roots of our single-minded commitment to pen clips, a commitment that spans more than 50 years. At Tohkin, we have been designing and manufacturing molds, the mainstay of pen clip manufacture, in-house since our inception and have established a coherent manufacturing process. In this way, we have avoided decentralization of our “tehnical capabilities”, which are vital to manufacturers, and have been able to link our progress to the development of new technologies.

Pen clips are small products and the manufacture of their molds necessitates the precise engineering of an artisan. At the same time, we are at the apex of digitalization. Only Tohkin is capable of incorporating the various advantages of both techniques. We have been quick to introduce the latest equipment, including CAD systems for design, wire cutting electro-dischrge arc machinery, and high-speed presses, and are steadily passing on the technical expertise needed for intricate manual operations to young engineers.

We can be justly proud of the results, which have linked to our development into a leading global company that is currently able to boast a domestic market share in excess of 40%.

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