About Company

We’ve been thinking about “clipping” for 50 years.

Our watchword is comprised of 3 “T”s.

Corporate Philosophy Having a critical stance towards “manufacturing”

Possessing “resourcefulness”

Sharing the “joy” in our work

Corporate Goals One major aim of our corporate activities is thecreation of job satisfaction and motivation for each and every one of our of our employees so that they can develop as human beings and lead more meaningful lives.

In order to accomplish this, we are striving for sound growth and development as a corporation through the constant delivery of products that provide satisfaction and reassurance.

Behavioral Philosophy Always endeavoring to respect humanity in our organizational activities by deepening communication

Always possessing the modesty and integrity to remember service, gratitude and emotion

Always delivering products that incorporate creative technology so as to give satisfaction to our business partners

At Tohkin, we advocate the three “T”s of our logo.The first “T” is for TECHNOLOGY, the second for TALKING (communication), and the third is for THANKS. Our goal is to be an accomplished corporate entity offering superior products; we target more advanced technology, give prominence to communication both inside and outside the company, and always remember to express our gratitude.